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Improving Social Outcomes through Community Cricket

Cricket is more than a game - it brings communities together and even helps address social issues at a local level. Measuring and focusing on social outcomes is leading to an even greater impact on the community.

Cricket Victoria - one of Victoria's leading sporting organisations - intrinsically knew that cricket connects communities and improves lives by bringing people together. It was clear that cricket delivered mental, physical and cultural benefits, positively shaping the lives of the individuals and communities involved. 

However, Cricket Victoria wanted to know ‘How can we measure and enhance our social impact through the cricket experience?’. And, ‘How can we be more targeted and deliberate in the impact we deliver locally’?

Cricket Vic also recognised that the needs and issues important to the community varies across the thousands of cricket clubs across the state. Any system for improving social impact would therefore need to be:

Adaptable - to a local context;

Simple - to allow clubs to implement themselves;

Repeatable - so that it could be expanded across the state; and 

Meaningful - to deliver real social impact. 

Improving Social Outcomes through Community Cricket

This project was delivered over two key stages: the first focused on understanding the needs of local clubs, communities and the types of social and health issues that clubs could realistically engage with. It delivered a frame and a method that Cricket Vic could use to help clubs enhance their social impact using participation as the main tool. The second stage (known as the Community Outcomes Framework) by working with clubs themselves to co-design initiatives to identify and address local needs and using data to measure the impact.

Latitude Network has built a Community Impact Framework for Cricket Victoria that, once tested, will enable cricket clubs right around Victoria to identify and address important social issues within the community using participation as the key tool.

Improving Social Outcomes through Community Cricket
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