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As A Service

Make better decisions with data insights and dashboards with our fully managed data and analysis service.

All you do is log in and use the data.


You’ve heard of ‘SAAS’ or ‘Software As A Service’ (software run in the cloud and accessed via web browsers, like Google Workspace, Zoom or Microsoft 365) - now your social organisation can get ‘Insights as a Service’ 'IAAS'.


Latitude Network provides insights, analysis and practical data dashboards using your data to empower social sector leaders and staff to make better decisions.


We take care of designing and hosting the data warehouse (to integrate data) and management of the dashboard tools. It's a cost effective option for small to medium social service organisations.

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Useful dashboards

High quality dashboards and monitoring tools designed specifically for your organisation, informed by our experience working across the social sector


New insights & evidence

Our analysts review your data and answer specific questions using that data, whether that’s about service performance, risks, client needs or which programs are achieving outcomes, and run Quarterly ‘Learning Lab’ workshops to share the insights with your teams.


Low cost, low hassle

You don’t need to hire expensive data engineers and data scientists in-house, as we design, maintain and manage the dashboards in our data warehouse to make sure they work and improve over time


Data made useful

While the backend of data processing is complex, the front end dashboards your staff will use are simple, purpose-built for practical, useful, quick decision-making. That's data empowerment.

Secure and Private

We use multiple levels of security, using systems trusted by government agencies and comply with all Australian privacy laws, with all data stored in compliant servers in Australia, using Microsoft Azure data warehouse and data factory. Learn more about our data management policy here.

Data Integration, Any System

Our data engineers build the links to your data, and we blend data from different sources (say from a standard CRM or case management system with client survey data or data from government systems) into a single data warehouse to provide a single source of truth.

Social Sector Metrics Specialists

We take the tools and techniques that big commercial organisations use, and apply them to empower social service organisations. We zero in on the metrics that will be useful for decisions, developing a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework with your teams.

Advanced Data Tech

We take full advantage of the latest developments in data processing, warehousing, analysis and visualisation tools. This includes leveraging AI for summarising metrics and use of mobile apps. We deploy machine learning for sophisticated analysis and predictive models.

Build Options



Latitude Fully Managed 'Insights as a Service'

Outsource design, build and maintenance of the systems (data warehouse, data integration, dashboard build and maintenance).

Get an outsourced data team with social service understanding, advice, support, doing analysis. 

We can help you make the business case for this service.


We design, you host on your own warehouse

Latitude does the design and build on your own data warehouse systems.
We can manage or you hire your own part-time data analyst. You manage and pay for the IT and data infrastructure


Hire your own senior data analyst

One mind on the problem / technical skills only
Design, maintain and manage your own data warehouse & systems and pay your own IT infrastructure fees   

Grow Your Vision

Be inspired with our Book of Data Use Cases

Discover examples of what we could build for you as part of an

Insights As A Service data system.

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