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the Data Impact Journey

A comprehensive data leadership development program that helps you build the skills to bring your social organisation from 'compliance' level to 'data-driven'.


You'll learn data literacy, data ethics and governance, choosing the right metrics, understanding and using data, and how to bring people along on the journey. You don't need to know anything about data to participate.


Read more about the program below, and when you are ready, fill out the application form to join the program for your organisation.

Application to join the program

Please complete the form to apply to join the program. There are limited places.

Thanks for applying - your organisation will get back to you soon.

Builds skills and tools across the board

How it works

You join a diverse range of staff (senior, junior, management, frontline) to become 'data champions' for the organisation (10-15 people) who go on a 12 month development journey together to advance data in the organisation.


We provide the program structure, templates, tools and training to empower you to mobilise others in the organisation around data.


We also develop the metrics frameworks, back-end data pipelines and data dashboards to bring data to useful and inspiring formats.


What to expect

This is a learning and doing program designed to advance your organisation along the data maturity journey. Commitment is about 90 mins workshop and 2-3 hours tasks per month.


Monthly live online workshops

Every month we get together online for 90 minutes to learn skills, problem solve and advance the journey and tasks. It helps keep us on track. 


Templates and tasks to do

To become a data-driven organisation, we need to advance our policies, systems and skills, decide what to measure, and build dashboards for data analysis. Your cohort will work on these tasks each month with our guidance.


Monthly online learning modules

Between workshops, you'll access online learning modules on relevant topics that will also outline tasks to complete between sessions.


Collaboration and mobilising 

You'll use an online chat space to collaborate with your colleagues on this project. Later in the program, you'll engage other colleagues and support them in better engaging with data.

Sample Data Journey Modules

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