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About us

We are about data-empowered social impact

Latitude Network is a data and social impact consultancy based in Melbourne Australia.


We are committed to building a data-empowered social services sector by providing data analytics, data collaborations, and dashboard design. Our dedicated team combines skills in social sector strategy, management consulting, data engineering, data analytics, machine learning, outcomes measurement and community-building.


Our mission is to empower organisations with insights and data maturity skills to drive meaningful social impact.

We started as an outcomes and strategy consultancy in 2017, and witnessed the increasing importance of data as a key to achieving better outcomes. We've worked on projects across many social issues and partnering with large and small social organisations, peak bodies, governments and networks.

What is 'data empowerment'?

Data empowerment is where frontline workers and managers have the right data at the right time presented in a way that helps them make better quality decisions and these decisions have a direct impact on improving client outcomes. That's our theory of change.

Good data empowers people because it:

  • Gives confidence that you are making the right decisions.

  • Motivates people to see the impact they are having on people’s lives - not just at the one-to-one relationship level but at the collective level as well.

  • Reduces how long it takes to do a task - making staff more efficient is part of the mission because it reduces overwork but also expands the service frontier by allowing more clients to be supported for the same budget.

  • Improves outcomes and services by highlighting what works best for what specific groups of people in what contexts - and it allows teams to continuously test new ideas to see what works best.


  • ​​Engages your stakeholders in your organisation’s success - whether that’s proving impact to funders, focusing your communications, or collaborating for advocacy.

Social sector specialist + technical data capabilities = social impact

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