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Free data maturity assessment

Do a self-assessment of your own organisation's data maturity with our 9 element Data Impact Journey tool

Download the template and guide

Register with the form on this page, and we'll email you a guide on how to do the self-assessment with the rubric.


Distribute the survey link

We'll also forward you a survey link that you can send to people in your organisation to fill out on their own - a good way to do this is send to your executive team to fill out before you have a 20 minute debrief on their views.


Analyse the results and plan

Once everyone's filled out the results, we'll send you the report that you can use to inform discussion about your data strategy with your team. From there, you can reach out to use for more advice on what to do next, or develop your own data maturity roadmap.

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Register for the free data maturity assessment template

Thanks for submitting! We'll send you a link to the assessment.

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