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Data Impact Journey with Homelessness Alliance

We are thrilled to announce an innovative new project in collaboration with an alliance of homelessness organisations eager to enhance their data-driven approach. Through this initiative, we are taking a diverse team drawn from all corners of the alliance on a leadership development program we call the ‘Data Impact Journey’. The Data Impact Journey is designed to foster data maturity within social sector organisations, empowering them with the necessary skills, governance and data utilisation practices.

Over the course of 12 months, we will work closely with the alliance, focusing on key themes such as people and strategy, systems and actionable insights derived from data. Through a series of workshops, we will guide the team in developing a robust Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework, while developing the data warehouse and data dashboards to measure impact and improve performance. Our aim is to equip them with resources, online learning sessions, templates and ongoing support to facilitate their journey towards positive change and effective homelessness programs.

One crucial aspect we emphasise throughout the Data Impact Journey is the importance of fostering a data culture shift within organisations. While technical expertise and dashboards are essential, real change requires a shift in how data is perceived, collected, collated and implemented across all levels of an organisation. From CEOs to frontline workers, everyone plays a vital role in embracing and implementing data-driven decision making. As part of the program we also offer professional development opportunities to cultivate a growth mindset and adaptive leadership skills, empowering workers to effectively implement changes and drive meaningful impact within their organisations.

We are very excited about the transformative potential of this project, so stay tuned for more updates as we continue along the alliance's data impact journey.

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