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Use your data to grow social impact

Comprehensive data solutions and support for social organisations


Social Impact
Through Data


What We Do

Latitude Network helps social organisations better analyse, manage and use their data.


Our expertise in data analytics, outcome measurement, collaborations and dashboard design enables not-for-profits to make informed decisions and improve performance.

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End-to-end data management

Let us design, build and manage your data pipeline - from data warehousing through to interactive self-service dashboards bespoke to your organisation's needs.

Analyse your data to solve a difficult problem.

​Understand the hidden potential within your data, providing actionable insights that inform important strategic or operational decisions.

Build data capabilities and measurement tools across your organisation.

​Empower your team to harness the power of data for measurable outcomes and innovation - through training, measurement frameworks and data strategy.

Share data with others for system change.

​Create successful data-sharing initiatives for system-wide change, driving impactful collaboration across sectors and alliances.

 "Latitude took the time to deeply understand our business needs and their expertise and quality of work have been exceptional."

Dominique Robert-Hendren
Hello Sunday Morning

"Latitude's process of bringing us together as a sector, measuring outcomes and the power of shared data analysis has been a game-changer for us." 

Kerry Johnson

Community Colleges Australia

“Latitude Network has challenged the way we think about and describe interventions. Highly recommended.”

Gerard Reed


Effective Problem Solving

We specialise in addressing the toughest challenges faced by organisations and social systems.

Proven Expertise

We are trusted partners with deep expertise in the social and government sectors for impactful results.

Enhanced Efficiency

We deliver practical, insights-led solutions that will improve your operations and impact.

Advanced Tech

We use the latest data integration and analytical tools and technologies for optimal performance and greater insights.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Find new uses for your data

Explore various use cases for your data with our dashboards and data apps.


Empower your organisation to manage referrals and waitlists, predict engagement, and demonstrate which interventions drive outcomes for different people in various contexts.


Working with leading social organisations
to make progress on complex social problems

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