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Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Hello Sunday Morning - Changing Relationship with Alcohol

A project were we analysed the 'big data' generated from the Daybreak App which provides peer support for reducing or quitting alcohol in a digital app.

Hello Sunday Morning (HSM), a digital health organisation, was founded in 2009 to provide online resources and opportunities for people to record and track their health improvement. The Daybreak app helps Australians to change their relationship with alcohol with access to an online peer community, habit changing activities and supports, and one-on-one chats with 'care navigators'. 

Over the past two years, more than 47,000 people have downloaded the app and while data suggests that some drop off early, many users see significant benefits. After years of app usage, HSM had millions of data points but were yet to fully make sense of the data and understand the stories it was telling them. They wanted to know how they could continue to improve their impact, how to generate high levels of engagement via the app, and how to drive even higher improvements in alcohol usage and harm reduction.

Hello Sunday Morning - Changing Relationship with Alcohol

Latitude Network collated all the de-identified usage data so that no individual could be identified (no names, emails etc.), but also we had no access to any content the user posted to ensure full privacy. We were interested in the overall patterns of usage, not any individual’s actions. We developed new metrics that gave HSM staff a better insight into engagement and actions on the app (e.g. how many times someone might pick up the app over a time period and many other metrics). We then used Machine Learning tools to identify natural clusters of usage and engagement, as well as clusters of behaviours such as type of posting, frequency and intensity of posting and numbers of actions taken. The aim was to identify how participants were using the app and the opportunities for improvement and change.

This ability to segment app users, better understand what the data is telling them, and further analyse and collect data is providing Hello Sunday Morning with richer data that tells a story, a story they can use to further reduce alcohol harm across Australian communities and target increased funding.

Hello Sunday Morning - Changing Relationship with Alcohol
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