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Case Studies

Service Design, Strategy, Outcomes Framework

Toward Home Case Study - Homelessness System Change

Design of a new prevention-focused service model for delivery of homelessness services across Adelaide in South Australia, when 8 providers came together in an Alliance to deliver seameless servicess to every homeless person.


Data Analytics, Strategy, Service Design

Wellways - Mental Health

Research, analysis and service design for solutions to private rental for people who are homeless with mental health issues. 


Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Hello Sunday Morning - Changing Relationship with Alcohol

A project were we analysed the 'big data' generated from the Daybreak App which provides peer support for reducing or quitting alcohol in a digital app.


Strategy, Social Impact Bonds

Sacred Heart Mission - Social Impact Bond

Sacred Heart Mission successfully negotiated Victoria’s first Social Impact Investment (outcomes-based contract) and Latitude Network supported them each step of the way.


Research, Outcomes Framework

Improving Social Outcomes through Community Cricket

Cricket is more than a game - it brings communities together and even helps address social issues at a local level. Measuring and focusing on social outcomes is leading to an even greater impact on the community.

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