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Analyse your data to solve a problem

Whether you need to identify outcome drivers, create a decision-making model, demonstrate impact for funders, or solve any specific problem, we've got you covered.

Data analytics service

​Our Analytics service helps you make sense of existing data to address critical questions, navigate complex issues within your organisation and make informed decisions based on robust analysis. 

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Full data analysis support

Individual analysis projects where we take your existing datasets in whatever form, size and ‘messiness’, clean and transform the data, and visualise it to help answer specific questions. We provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations. See our case studies for some examples.

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Range of analytical tools

Our team dives deep into your data to tackle complex challenges. We connect to existing datasets, transform the data, find outliers and patterns, build predictive models using machine learning, and develop tools you can use for ongoing benefit (such as triage models, testing of services, continuous improvement, etc.).

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research & Development

​Some problems, such as developing new services, require both numeric analysis as well as qualitative research with clients or stakeholders - we combine these methods to develop new ways of seeing old problems, developing new services.

How it works

Data Analytics projects are usually one-off contained projects with a specific brief. You might want to better engage clients, manage a key risk, prepare for an upcoming tender, prove your impact, use data to influence others, or report impact to supporters of funders. Just book a free consultation with us to explore whether a data analysis project could help in your situation (spoiler - it does depend on having the right data!).

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