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Ways to use your data

Book of Data Use Cases

Use this Book of Data Use Cases to explore just some of the ways your organisation can benefit from better data and data analysis. With the right data pipeline and data systems in place, we can help you achieve these. Book an interactive demo of data apps of these use cases.

More use cases are added all the time.

Intake, Needs Assessment

Get the right participants

When you need to fill a program with enough participants who ‘fit’ with the program style and recruitment criteria.

Needs Assessment

Segmenting your client or donor base

Managing a cohort of 100 people as if they were all the same doesn't work - we can do better by managing segments or sub-cohorts clustered by needs, context, preferences or other data.

Needs Assessment, Service Planning

Better needs assessments

When case managers or allocations officers are making decisions, how do they collate all relevant facts into one place at a glance? That includes knowing how a client's needs relate to benchmarks.


Serve the right demographic mix

Are there under-served populations in your program and do you have the right mix of demographics?


Identify risk of disengagement early

Program success often depends on an engaged participant - identifying disengagement risk early helps prevent it and increase the chance of a positive outcome.

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