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Build your data maturity

with the Data Impact Journey

A comprehensive development program that takes your social organisation from 'compliance' level to 'data-driven' and builds the metrics, data pipelines and dashboard tools to make data really useful.

Builds skills and tools across the board

How it works

You recruit a diverse range of staff (senior, junior, management, frontline) to become 'data champions' for the organisation (10-15 people) who go on a 12 month development journey together to advance data in the organisation.


We provide the program structure, templates, tools and training to empower them to mobilise others in the organisation around data.


We also develop the metrics frameworks, back-end data pipelines and data dashboards to bring data to useful and inspiring formats.

Sample Data Journey Modules


“Making staff more efficient is part of the mission because it reduces overwork but also expands the service frontier by allowing more clients to be supported for the same budget. The program improves outcomes and services by highlighting what works best for what specific groups of people in what contexts - and it allows teams to continuously test new ideas to see what works best.”


Orla Matthews, Adelaide North West Homelessness Alliance

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